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Ian Fellows Limited are a UK based and owned provider of leading edge solutions for the weighing industry.

Founded in 1978, Ian Fellows Limited designs and manufactures industrial weighing instrumentation and related products, used in equipment and machinery for a wide range of applications.

Ian Fellows Limited predominantly supplies OEM and reseller businesses, an arrangement that is only possible due to its solid reputation for quality products, efficiency, experience and technical support.


This website provides an invaluable and free source of information on Ian Fellows Limited products. The information provided is generally aimed to assist equipment suppliers, installers and service engineers.

Whilst equipment end-users may find this information useful, it is advisable to always contact the equipment supplier in all matters of service and support. We do not recommend making any changes to settings or configuration of equipment without first checking with the supplier.

efficiency, experience and technical support.


Ian Fellows Limited is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company. As such we are committed to consistently improving our company's performance through measuring and reviewing our business objectives - meeting customer requirements and expectations.



Ian Fellows Ltd is Registered in England number 1399030
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