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CSW-20 - Designed for performance
  • High Quality - Low Cost.
  • 7 Digit, bright, easy to read, large LED display.
  • Stainless steel enclosure with swivel bracket for wall/desk mount.
  • Connections via 5mm press clamps.
  • Trade Approved for any R60 loadcells.
  • High resolution weighing performance.
  • Multi point linearity adjustment.
  • Accommodates extremes of dead load and signal.
  • Superb digital weight filtering.
  • x10 resolution test mode.
  • Configuration via front panel or serial communication.
  • Firmware upgrades via serial port.
  • Two serial ports, printer port can be used for remote display.
  • Memory tares, semi automatic tare and set zero functions.
  • 3 outputs, 2 inputs as standard.
  • Real time clock as standard.
  • Versatile print formatting.
  • PLU's recalling A/N text, setpoints, part weights and totals.
  • Multi-drop communications.
  • Sophisticated fill control with fast cut off and predictive software.
  • Variety of setpoint operating modes.
  • Many advanced software features.
  • 15 bit Analogue output 0-10V or 4-20mA.
  • Flash Electronic Tally Record (Alibi Device).
  • Integrated RF modem.
  • ModBus Communications.
  • 24V DC powered version.
  • Additional 2 inputs, 2 outputs.
  • General Specifications
    Display mm 7 Red LED digits 20mm
    Front Panel   Membrane with tactile metal domes, beep response,
    5 button operation
    Annunciators   4 LED's (Motion/Zero/Net/Gross)
    Internal Resolution counts 24 bit (1:16,777,215)
    Maximum Display Resolution (trade) divisions 10,000
    Maximum Display Resolution (non-trade) divisions 500,000 (x10 test mode)
    EC Approvals OIML Class III + IIII   NWML UK2677
    Input Signal Range mV/V -6.5 » 6.5
    Zero Offset Range % 100% of Input Signal Range
    ADC Conversion Rate Hz 50 (25/100*)
    Linearity Error %FS < ±0.0015% (+ digital correction)
    Differential Non Linearity   ± 0.5 LSB
    Span Temperature Coefficient ppm/°C 1.6
    Zero Temperature Coefficient µV/°C < 0.005
    Power Consumption (typical) W 5-10
    Common Mode Rejection dB 120
    Power Supply Rejection dB 120
    Operating Voltage V 230/115Vac (selectable) / 12-28Vdc*
    Weight kg 2.5kg (shipping 2.9kg)
    Transducer Input Specifications
    Transducer Type   Resistive, full bridge
    Transducer Input resistance Ω Minimum 43Ω (up to 8 x 350Ω cells)
    Excitation Voltage Vdc 5 (nominal)
    Minimum Signal Requirement (approved) µV/e 1
    Minimum Signal Requirement (non-approved) µV/e 0.1
    Input Impedance > 20 (sense and signal)
    Serial Communication
    Communication Ports   1. Comms RS232 or RS485
    2. Print Port RS232 (TX/Busy)
    Baud Rate bits/second 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
    Protocol   7/8 data bits, odd/even/no parity, 1/2 stop bits
    Maximum Continuous Data Rate (test mode) Hz 50
    Communication Protocol   Ascii or ModBus*
    Operating Temperature °C -10 » +40
    Storage Temperature °C -10 » +70
    EMC Immunity/Emissions   EN45501, EN50082-2
    Sealing   IP66
    Case   Grained 304 Stainless Steel
    Swivel Stand (bench or wall mount)
    Cable Glands   5 off PG11
    Analogue Output* 0-10V or 4-20mA   15 bit (adjustable range)
    Max drive load for 4-20mA:
    500Ω (active)/1200Ω (passive)
    Inputs 2 (4*) Opto coupled inputs
    < 6V off; > 10 - 30V on
    (supply rail on board)
    Outputs 3 (5*) Darlington type transistors
    Maximum OFF voltage 27V
    Maximum ON current 60mA
    Leakage < 0.1 mA switched + or -
    * According to specification

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