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Compatibility of Modules

Download an Excel spreadsheet that will assist in producing Compatibility of Modules documentation for instruments based on Ian fellows Limited products.

The file has been compressed using the file compression utility WinZip.
Download WinZip utility if you do not have a copy.

Click here to download (compatibility.zip - size 151KB) - to save right click and Save Target As...

The file will contain spreadsheets for generating the data sheets, together with a 'ReadMe' file for guidance and examples of completed data sheets.

More information on Compatibility of Modules, in particular the references used in these spreadsheets, can be found on the WELMEC website.

Communication Program

Serial communications can be used with Ian Fellows Limited products to do far more than simply read weight and perform tare/zero commands. Almost every function and parameter has an associated command permitting advance applications and comprehensive support via the serial interface.

There are many serial communications programs readily available, most of which will be quite suited to use with IFL products.

One such program is Hercules. This provides a way of connecting not only with RS232 but also supports TCP/IP communication for devices fitted with ethernet or wifi options.

Hercules SETUP utility - Produced by www.HW-group.com.

Whilst every effort has been made to verify that this software is secure to use, Ian Fellows Limited accept no liability what so ever in the event of incidental or consequential damage.


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